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Whether you know Michelle Mortensen from TV, from her work in the community as a consumer advocate, or as a mom and Sunday School teacher, one thing is for sure, Michelle Mortensen is a woman who gets things done.

Michelle led the “8 On Your Side” Consumer Division at KLAS Las Vegas for 6 years and successfully solved consumer challenges for thousands of Southern Nevadans. Whether exposing fraud and corruption, cutting through bureaucratic red tape, or getting money returned when Nevadan’s were cheated, Michelle Mortensen delivered real results for the people who needed it the most.

Michelle is now focused on bringing her 18 years of consumer advocacy experience to the Nevada Legislature. For Michelle and her family, Nevada is home and she wants to make sure our home is the very best! From education to job creation, Michelle will lead the fight to provide better opportunities for all Nevadans.


Michelle has always been and always will be your champion for change, your defender of justice and a fighter for you.

As someone who specialized in cutting through red tape, Michelle knows that the current system is rigged. Barriers like occupational licensing are preventing entrepreneurship and economic growth.

We have an education system that is failing Nevada families and stifling the success of our next generation. Michelle will take her years of consumer advocacy to Carson City and will focus on cutting wasteful spending, removing barriers to opportunity and championing ideas that will open the door of economic prosperity for all Nevadans.

For Michelle, every part of her life is about giving back, and she’s in this race to give us all the Nevada we love and deserve. She has always been, and always will be, on your side. Michelle and her husband Bob have called Assembly District 37 home for 8 years. They have been blessed with two beautiful daughters and are committed to making Nevada the best place to raise a family, build a business and live out your golden years.

“I will never stop fighting for a better Nevada. The fight is too important!”