Channel 8: Candidates for the 3rd Congressional District square off at debate

For her part, Mortensen stayed away from attacking her opponents; instead, she leveled her fire at liberals and the media, which has been a hallmark of her campaign. She wasn’t afraid to tackle one of the most politically fraught issues in America, social security.

“Right now, a lot of liberals will tell you we cannot touch social security. We cannot touch social security. And the media will tell you if you bring it up that you want to kill someone’s grandma. I don’t want to kill my grandma and grandpa. I don’t want to kill my dad. I don’t want to hurt my father, and he’s nearly onto social security,” Mortensen said.  “That’s not what we want to do at all.  But not touching it? Not talking about it? Putting your head in the sand and just hoping, oh, everything’s going to work out? It’s not… in 17 years, social security will be insolvent. That means if you’re getting about $2,000 right now on social security, you’ll get less than $1,500 on social security. You must touch the problem.”

That statistic she cited comes directly from the social security board of trustees, which says the program’s costs will exceed revenues by 2035 unless some changes are made.

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