Health Care

In 2013, Americans were lied to. President Obama told us his health care plan would lower costs and provide more patient care to Americans. He said quote, “If you like your healthcare plan, you can keep it.” Politifact dubbed that one sentence the biggest lie of the year.

The Affordable Care Act is affordable in name only. Premiums have skyrocketed. Many families in Southern Nevada can barely afford insurance and they certainly can’t afford to get sick on the awful plans from which we must choose. Worse yet, American seniors were harmed with this awful plan. Democrats stole $716 Billion dollars from Medicare to pay for the ACA. Now, it is estimated Medicare will be insolvent in just 10 years.

ACA also hurt our most vulnerable patients reliant on Medicaid. This is not simply a talking point for people in favor of repeal and replace, but fact! While serving our community as a consumer advocate for KLAS, I helped several families and children get the surgeries, medication and wheelchairs they needed that Medicaid refused to provide, simply because the money wasn’t there. Countless families shared with me the struggles they faced getting doctors and hospitals to even see their children on Medicaid because the services required were always dubbed too costly. Simply put, Medicaid isn’t helping patients, it isn’t helping doctors meet the needs of sick people, and its hurting our state.

Solving our healthcare crisis won’t be easy, but we desperately need reform. You don’t need the government telling you what type of healthcare you require. You should be able to pick the plan that works best for you. It is time we gave power back to the people to make their health care decisions. It’s time the people who need quality care get it. Too many people are being left behind thanks to ACA and we cannot allow that to happen any longer.  We can no longer put our heads in the sand and act like everything will just work out. Lying to the American people must stop.  We must tell the truth and bring solutions. We don’t need government run health care or insurance run health care. We need patient focused health care.

When I am elected to Congress, I will always advocate for quality patient care and to work with both sides for comprehensive and affordable reform.


Abortion is a divisive and deeply personal issue to many Americans.  Personally, I believe life begins at conception and I believe every effort should be made to honor, value and protect life. I personally have three children. My two girls and a baby I lost in 2013. Even though, I never had the chance to meet that child, I heard their heartbeat and will never forget the devastation I felt, once that heartbeat stopped.

While I am personally opposed to abortion, I would never attack another woman who has made that choice. I know that any woman facing an unplanned pregnancy may be scared and needs support, not condemnation.  We have so many great organizations in Southern Nevada that offer that type of support. First Choice Pregnancy Center, the Women’s Resource Center and Living Grace Homes, just to name a few. I strongly support centers that provide support for women and provide lifesaving services. I support education and health programs to help women avoid unplanned pregnancies.

I opposed the use of taxpayer funds to pay for abortions. I oppose partial birth abortions and I strongly support requiring parental notification.  Contrary to what the critics say, diverting federal funding to community health centers, which outnumber planned parenthood 20 to1 nationwide and provide more health services to people in rural America, is a much better use of tax payer dollars than funding abortions.

As a former consumer advocate, I believe I need to stand for the people in all ways… always.  One of the ways I can do that is by providing more health care opportunities for people with community health centers and protecting women from doctors like Kermit Gosnell who performed unsafe, dangerous abortions on women.

I support a woman’s right to choose an abortion in the case of rape, incest or whenever the mother’s life may be in danger. Anytime a woman must face these circumstances it is a tragedy and she deserves support and compassion.  We need to do all we can to protect women from heinous crimes like rape.  I believe in prosecuting rapists to the full extent of the law to make sure they never inflict that pain on another woman again. I know first hand that laws like those work to keep communities and all women safe.

Securing the Border

We must secure our border. For some reason this has become a controversial topic in the last two years. However, in 2006, it wasn’t controversial at all. That year, Senators Clinton, Obama and Schumer all voted for the Secure Fence Act which would have placed a fence on our border. The democrats were ok with a fence, but suddenly are offended by a wall!

I really doesn’t matter to me if you secure the border with a fence or a wall. The key is securing our border.

Once we secure the border we can address immigration reform.

We need reform that strengthens families, expands economic opportunity and maximizes our public safety. Our nation has always been a melting pot of cultures and backgrounds. We never want that to change. It is why this nation is so great. Compassionate but legal reform is key to keeping the American Dream alive and well.

In addition to reform, I also want stronger penalties for parties who cheat families trying to become legal citizens. During my time on the news, I met many people who tried to do everything correctly to become a citizen of this country but trusted fraudulent lawyers or programs that only stole their money. That is reprehensible and must be addressed.


A centralized problem with American transportation policy is the federal government’s outsized role in matters of state and local transportation. The federal government should be focused on ensuring safety, supporting research, preserving the intercity highway system and supporting mobility for low income travelers.

We need less government intrusion and regulation. We should be empowering state and local governments, along with private investment to improve our current infrastructure plan.

Did you know that a large portion of the highway trust fund goes to building new highways and transit systems? But little, if any, is used to maintain the systems we currently have in place. That money should be used to maintain and improve what we have and let the private sector or states focus on building the new and improved.

Our current highway system is really the best route to existing communities. The government’s role should be on keeping them safe and functional. We could also further empower local governments, giving them a say in how maintenance dollars are spent, with highway block grants.

Right now, federal transit dollars often go to rail projects but in most communities, like ours, the money could be better spent on buses.  We need to give the people a say in local transportation issues.

Mass transit subsidies and transportation vouchers could very well pave the way to serving more people in our community. Right now too many people, especially seniors, are unable to get to point A to point B because we don’t have enough resources in place.

The more money we pump into infrastructure improvements, the more jobs we create, as well.  A focus on infrastructure ultimately benefits all Americans.

2nd Amendment

The Bill of Rights are the first 10 Amendments of our Constitution and I will fight and defend them with all my being. They are rights, not suggestions. I will always protect your right to bear arms, period.


Our active military and veterans are one of our countries most precious resources. Every single person who has dedicated their life to serve and fight for our country deserves our respect and honor. However, many veterans feel they get neither from the VA.

During my time as a consumer advocate, I helped many vets get records and documentation needed from the government for basic services like healthcare. Currently, the system is so complicated many vets can’t seem to get any answers to their questions. Several groups around the Valley dedicate their time and resources to helping vets get through the paperwork process, but it is still not enough. We must cut through the red tape for our Veterans to make sure they are getting everything they need. This will be a priority for me in Washington.

Then there is the issue of homelessness in the Veteran community. In 2017, the number of homeless veterans increased significantly.  Thanks to some amazing charitable organizations like Veteran’s Village, more housing is coming, but more needs to be done.

Housing takes care of homeless veterans’ most immediate need, but it doesn’t get at the root causes of homelessness. That requires a broader approach where veterans get the services they require be it mental health, substance abuse or education.

There also needs to be more attention given to female veterans, who face a greater risk of becoming homeless. It is estimated one-fifth of homeless female vets also have dependent children.  Right now, there are not enough programs available in the Valley to meet the needs of the women who have served our country and I am committed to resolving this crisis.

Helping more non-profit agencies like Veteran’s Village and Fisher House is one way to combat the problem, but more must be done.  I am committed to listening to the concerns of all Nevadan Veterans and promise to fight for them in Washington. Our Veterans need a voice in Congress and I am determined to give them one.


As a nation, we must stand with Israel. Israel is our ally and our friend. As the only democracy in the Middle East, Israel shares our values and is a fortification against repression and anti-human rights regimes.

I believe we must always honor and support Israel. I fully support the president’s decision declaring Jerusalem the capital of Israel and moving the American Embassy there.


Giving future generations the very best education possible must be a top priority for us as a nation. Nevada is regularly ranked the worst state for education in the country. Infant care and preschools is so expensive in Nevada that it costs families more than a four-year degree at UNLV.  Many adults are drowning in student loans. To solve the education crisis here at home and across this nation, we must examine the effectiveness of the Department of Education. The government arm was created by President Carter in 1979, and even he believed the primary responsibility of education should rest with the states. The agency was supposed to make education better, but I ask you, are things better in Nevada’s education system today than it was 40 years ago?

We must better empower our teachers to educate well.

We must provide more opportunity for school choice.

We must provide more vocational training instead of focusing solely on a college education to be a catalyst for success.

We must also strengthen our higher education systems in this state and our nation so that we produce the best and the brightest leaders in technology, medicine and education.

The better our higher education systems become in Nevada, the more doctors, lawyers, educators, engineers and computer scientists we will have in our community. Quality educational systems lead to quality communities that benefit everyone.

Fake News

As a member of the media for 18 years, I can tell you without hesitation bias does exist in newsrooms across the country and at the national level.  There simply isn’t enough happening each day to fill a 24-hour news cycle. As a result, stations turned to commentators to pontificate their opinions to fill the void.  Sadly, the commentators now outnumber actual journalists reporting facts. Some even go as far as reporting erroneous information, aka Fake News.

To win the war on fake news, you must know your opponent. Friends, conservatives have lost many battles over the years with the media.  That will stop with me.  You can have no better ally, than someone who worked on enemy lines and knows every line of attack in their arsenal.

If you are tired of liberal bias, you need to elect someone who knows how to defeat it. I know how to defeat it, without question.