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Michelle Mortensen is a conservative champion of justice who has spent her career fighting for you.

As a consumer advocate for a local CBS affiliate, Michelle ran the "On Your Side" division, and always got results for people in need. She took on government bureaucracy, fought fraud, and won the battles no one else could. Soon viewers coined the slogan, "Got a Problem? Tell Michelle ... Because she gets results." In 6 years she recovered more than 1.4 million dollars for families who had been cheated or ripped-off.

Fed up with the liberal media attacking conservatives and conservative values, the 7-time Emmy winner walked away from a successful career to take a stand. Michelle is taking that fighting spirit and "get it done" attitude to the one place that needs it more than ever – The United States Congress.

Michelle has always been and always will be your champion for change, your defender of justice and a fighter for you. 

“Why I’m Running ...”

“I don't know about you, but I am tired of dysfunction in Washington. I am tired of politicians giving us meaningless sound bites and offering promises of hope and change but delivering nothing.

We can no longer allow our representatives in Washington to fail when it comes to fixing healthcare, securing our borders, cutting taxes and reducing government spending.

As a consumer advocate and journalist for 18 years, I have always taken on the tough battles no one else would. In Washington, I will do the same. I'll be your advocate and give you a real voice.

Together we'll bring about real change. Together we will protect our rights and freedoms guaranteed in the Constitution. Together we will ensure America will always be a bright and shining city on a hill.

I truly believe, the best is yet to come, and I am excited to fight for you.”